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  • Backyard Birdfeeding

    "Backyard Birdfeeding” presentation

    Thursday, Nov 10

    Join us for Lauren DeRosa, Owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Fort Collins, for her presentation on bird feeding.

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    With Spring come the bugs...and shutterbugs! The photo gallery needs your winter and spring bird pictures! Please submit your favorite photos for inclusion. Find out more here.

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President's Corner

Become a Board Member

by John Shenot

The big election is almost here! In less than three months we will be choosing new leadership. Yes, I said three months because, of course, I’m referring to the election of new officers and board members for FCAS.

At our annual meeting in January (which is part of our regularly-scheduled membership meeting and program), the members in attendance will vote for officers and board members to lead FCAS in 2017. The president is elected to a two-year term. All other positions are elected to a one-year term.

The current board of directors has approved a nominating committee that will seek to identify a slate of candidates to fill all of the positions on the 2017 Board. This committee consists of current FCAS Vice-President Liz Pruessner, Jessie Meschievitz, and Lynne Hull. They will announce the proposed slate of candidates in our December newsletter, but nominations also can be made from the floor by any member at our annual meeting. There are no pre-requisites for officers or board members, nor is there an expectation that all nominees will have conservation experience or birding expertise. If you would like to serve this organization as an officer or an at-large board member in 2017, or would like to suggest someone else you think would be good in such a role, please contact any of the nominating committee members. Contact information for Liz and Jessie can be found in the FCAS contacts on this page.

Find FCAS on Facebook for Field Trip Information

FCAS has a Facebook page where we post announcements about upcoming field trips, last minute changes to scheduled trips, and high-lights of most of our outings. Just click on the “Like" button in the plugin to Like our page! Our announcements should then appear on your wall. You can also click on "Fort Collins Audubon Society" to be taken directly to the Facebook page. Note: All field trips are also announced in the Ptarmigan and on our website.

Scholarships and Education

by Bill Miller

Dr. Alex Cringan
Dr. Ronald Ryder

FCAS’s mission includes promoting the appreciation, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems. First and foremost in that mission is education. And although FCAS does not have a chairman for the education committee, we still provide education to our membership and the public through our monthly programs and field trips.

Another method to provide environmental education, especially to youth, is the scholarship fund created about four years ago following the passing of a long time chapter member and retired wildlife instructor, Dr. Alexander Cringan. In fact, the membership form on the last page of every issue of the Ptarmigan contains the option to provide additional support for Alex Cringan Fund (natural history education grants). The purpose of the Cringan Fund is to provide financial assistance to educators involved in teaching natural sciences and environmental education so they may upgrade their skills and become more effective teachers.

A second scholarship fund that we financially support and promote is the Dr. Ronald A. Ryder Memorial Scholarship Fund. Dr. Ryder passed away last August. One of his former graduate student established the memorial fund through the CSU Foundation, to which FCAS has contributed $1,000. The purpose of this memorial fund is to provide a $1,000 scholarship to a CSU student who is studying birds in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology.

To contribute to the Alex Cringan Scholarship Fund, send a check to FCAS, P.O. Box 271968, Fort Collins, 80527-1968. To contribute to the Dr. Ryder Memorial Fund, send a check to the CSU Foundation, P.O. Box 1870, Colorado State University Foundation, Fort Collins, 80522. The check must specify the Dr. Ronald A. Ryder Memorial Scholarship Fund for it to be placed in the correct fund. Please mention that you are a member of the FCAS. Also, notify Scott Webb at the Colorado State University Foundation that you have made a contribution to the Dr. Ryder’s fund: Scott Webb, Executive Director of Advancement, Warner College of Natural Resources, 1401 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, 80523-1401; 970-491-3594.

Both scholarship funds should provide long-lasting benefits to birds, wildlife, and the environment because they will provide training to educators and biologists who will work to raise environmental awareness in younger generations who will eventually be taxpayers and voters.

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